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film hour, chased by spouses, regularly best
long hour is our best time
by man!? August 16, 2018

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a little bit watchy girl, how shit!
I saw that lips, ((that)) girl! now I want to stop her, as I am an respectful man, alas: I haven,t done some thing bad with her shoulders, that now I am going to sag them, huh!
by man!? January 29, 2018

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A jew New yorker
N.js?!! Where do they live, I wanna be going to a synagogue, boy, that,s why
by man!? November 11, 2017

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mothering/to mother/mothers/savage mother/
I love henning, I am soft.
by man!? July 15, 2017

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An expression for you men to be used when are deeply falling in love
Now though I wasn,t to be fallen in love, how shit that I was deeply fallen into.
by man!? June 06, 2017

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It is a verb, meaning to marry with another. It is used when, a man is going to become tired of asking a girl to be married with him, and the girl doesn,t surrender about it
-Susan! if you marry me not, I,ll try to may belle with Rox.
by man!? May 24, 2017

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a sexy girl with English origin that after she,s been seen by an American boy, has become important now to be attacked right by him, to be married with that boy
nubby,huh? she was! OK come & persuade me even a pinch more, I marry with her, I am an Illinoisan.
by man!? May 19, 2017

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