The best... Or one of the best characters in the Archie comics. He is always hungry in the comics, and never want to settle for a girl. However in the hit show Riverdale, comic is a sexy beast played by Cole Sprouce who is dating Betty Cooper. In the show he is also antisocial, and hates Paris and let's very few people in his life after a tough childhood.
I want a boyfriend like Jughead, cute and antisocial.
by kittykats June 13, 2017
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One of the best, if not THE best character, of the Archie comic series. Jughead Jones has an insatiable appetite, and refuses to get a girlfriend, although he has on occasion fallen for female companions. Has the ability to walk with his eyes closed, and actually causes intense distress to do otherwise. Best friends with Archie Andrews.
I prefer to read Jughead's digests, rather than any of the others, cuz it's cooler, and more fun.
by John the Redeemer July 27, 2006
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Someone who has a gigantic skull but has the intelligence of a two year old. A jughead typically resembles Sloth from "The Goonies".
Richard: "Hey you guys! I forgot how to use the bathroom, will you help?" Darrel: "This guy is a complete jughead".
by PorkyMillwright December 31, 2013
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Jughead is a character in the show Riverdale his real name is Forsythe Pendleton III but in the show they don’t acknowledge how he got the name “Jughead” whereas the Archie Comics they say he used to be rich and prestige and he would bully everyone then later after his family invested in too many stocks and the stocks lost profit, he became poor this is a real riches to rags story. They start selling jugs to get by. Everyone at his school made fun of him and called him “Jug-head” later as people casually called him that, his friends grew up from a young age calling him:Jughead
Jughead is sooooooo poor😂
by Deextrann November 4, 2019
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Someone who is stupid, annoying, or generally disliked
Bro do not invite that Jughead”
by And I oof October 5, 2019
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Cutest human being ever!!!! Hot as frick and better than Archie
by Jugheadsmyboyfriend69 May 12, 2019
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A character from the iconic “archie comics” and also the amazing show “riverdale” from the CW played by Cole M. Sprouse who is dating Betty cooper (Lili Reinhart) and should definitely propose to her
Ex: “hey did you watch riverdale last Wednesday on the CW it was great, I loved the part where jughead helped Archie escape from Hiram lodges wrath”
by @bettynjughead4efer January 8, 2019
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