93 definitions by lunar shadows

A nasty tasting beverage that fucks up the brain and causes people to be ill and act abnormal
by lunar shadows December 21, 2004
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What some people use on the computer to represent hooters.
A lot of men like (.)(.)
by lunar shadows August 30, 2004
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The game driv3r would be a good example of this
by lunar shadows October 26, 2004
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A face I always use in aim and email
if you talk to me, your prone to see a :P
by lunar shadows November 06, 2004
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A packaged food you can buy. You can contruct your own meal with what is given inside the box
rice a roni can come in a wide variety of flavors
by lunar shadows August 21, 2004
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A man who was singing in the 1980's. He made a real popular song called "Never gonna give you up."

That song was real popular, and was featured in a number of different movies. One example would be the childrens comedy called "Who's in charge here?"
A lot of people thought he sounded black, but he really was a red headed guy.
by lunar shadows January 06, 2005
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The worst character in the anime Nightwalker.

She was ok, until she became a vampire. Then she became a rotten no good fuckhead.

It was ok for her to be friends with Shido when she was human and he was vampire, but it wasn't ok for Shinichi to be friends with her after she became a vampire. Obviously she chose not to be friends with anyone from her school from choice.

Riho was also very jelous of Yayoi. She didn't like her makinf friends with Shido. It doesn't matter, Yayoi wasn't an ugly piece of shit like Riho was.

Riho was a worthless person and should had never come in the world!
Where's a good stake when you need one?
by lunar shadows January 05, 2005
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