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The act of exchanging some item of value for a given controlled substance (or cash to be used in the purchase thereof), as carried out by an addict of that substance when an otherwise exhaustive search has failed to yield the funds necessary to support his habit. The quantity of drugs received for the object of a cluck tends be very small in relationship to the item's perceived market value. This discrepancy can be attributed to the efforts of the person receiving the cluck to capitalize on his knowledge that the clucker has reached a state of desperation, in which he is liable to forego any attachment to material possessions, as well as any remaining vestige of common sense (often to the point of inevitable regret), in exchange for the opportunity to satiate his physical cravings for even the shortest duration.
After having recognized his stolen tools at a pawn shop, Ernest was crushed when he learned that they had been clucked to the shop by "some tweaker" matching the description of his deviot stepson.
by luckylymon January 01, 2009
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The practice of regularly posting vague, obscure rhetorical lyrics to Facebook as status updates. Typically, such posts have neither quotation marks nor context to explain their relevance. As a result, readers may find them confusing, even failing to recognize them as lyrics at all.
Jane Doe Emo:

if you don't don't know, why would you say so? would you mean this please if it happens?

Commenter #1:

um...huh? wtf are you talking about?

Commenter #2:

Oh, I think that's a line from some Jimmy Eat World song...just Jane lyric floating as usual. You can just ignore it; everyone else will.
by luckylymon March 14, 2011
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Crystal meth that looks good, tastes good, burns slow and clean, and is by all appearances a top notch product, except it has no "legs" (i.e. it doesn't really get you very high). Such meth is called "Uncomplainable" because, although the buyer does not feel satisfied with his purchase, he would have a hard time complaining about the product to his dealer. This is due to the fact that The Uncomplainable does not exhibit any of the indications commonly found in "bunk", or bad meth. As it is nearly impossible to accurately measure the degree or quality of a user's high, any such complaint can easily be blamed on the user's tolerance, method of ingestion, or other subjective factors.
Dealer: So if it didn't make you cough or blow off white, and it didn't burn up quick or turn any nasty colors, how can you tell me it was bunk?

Buyer: It wasn't...bunk, exactly. It was just...uncomplainable. Nevermind. I guess let me get another dub sack.
by luckylymon February 02, 2010
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A truncated form of pizo (peezo), slang for a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine.
"Make sure you keep twistin' that 'zo when you're hittin' it or you're gonna burn up all my shit."
by luckylymon January 01, 2009
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