Unlike "son" or "homie", stepson is not a friend. So they just dump on those bitches and go on up to the top.
"These bitches ain't my sons, the my m***** f****n' stepsons!"
by Helicopter_Ed January 27, 2012
When a woman sucks you off, then runs into another room and uses your own ejaculate to jerk off another man.
“ she blew me right before giving you a handy bro! You are now my Bulgarian Stepson!”
by Mericans April 9, 2021
The son of one's spouse by a previous marriage.
My stepson is a good person.
by Wonbig October 13, 2021
The art of step mothers making sexual advances on their step sons exactly 33 minutes after receiving their first Eucharist
Oh shit! Did you see Brandi love last night? She gave Jordi El Niño a stepsons first communion
by BigT69australia September 20, 2018