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Crystal meth that looks good, tastes good, burns slow and clean, and is by all appearances a top notch product, except it has no "legs" (i.e. it doesn't really get you very high). Such meth is called "Uncomplainable" because, although the buyer does not feel satisfied with his purchase, he would have a hard time complaining about the product to his dealer. This is due to the fact that The Uncomplainable does not exhibit any of the indications commonly found in "bunk", or bad meth. As it is nearly impossible to accurately measure the degree or quality of a user's high, any such complaint can easily be blamed on the user's tolerance, method of ingestion, or other subjective factors.
Dealer: So if it didn't make you cough or blow off white, and it didn't burn up quick or turn any nasty colors, how can you tell me it was bunk?

Buyer: It wasn't...bunk, exactly. It was just...uncomplainable. Nevermind. I guess let me get another dub sack.
by luckylymon February 02, 2010
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