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A weird white girl who puts on weird facemakeup, and support dream SMP. Usually things like big wings of eyeliner, lots of black eyeshadow, and black lipstick. You’ll probably find these animals wild in Hot Topic, most likely wearing tall platoformed buckled boots, fishnets, a pixie cut with dyed hair, and a gay flag pin everywhere. They tend to get offended over everything, even if it’s not aimed towards them, and you might not want to get too close to them because they might bark at you. They say cringey things like. “Bark” “Ruff!” “Pog! “Swag” “XD” “UwU” and “/j” they probably have a Hatsune Miku fanpage, and usually do cosplays but make it 99% weird accessories and 1% cosplay. Another thing these weird alt girls do is use “pronouns” like “Xe/Xem, Xey/Xeym, Bun/Bunself, Pumpkin/Pumpkinself, Zer/Zerself, Kitten/Kittenself” and etc. If you don’t “respect their pronouns” you’ll probably get canceled and barked at.
George: “Ew, look at that weird alt gurl.”
Jorge: “Gross. You’re right. Don’t get too close to it, it might bark at you.”
by lovelyyylol November 4, 2021
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A weird white girl who puts on weird facemakeup, and supports the Dream SMP, such as wearing big wings of eyeliner, lots of black eyeshadow and more. Covers herself with nose and eyebrow piercings, and ugly tattoos. They tend to bark at people and say things such as “XD” “UwU” “Pog!” “Swag” and get offended over every little thing, even if it’s not aimed towards them. They usually have their hair in a pixie cut, and dyed red, green, blue, or rainbow. They make up random sexuality’s and use pronouns such as “Furry/Furryself, Kitten/Kittenself, Bun/Bunself, They/Them, Xe/Xem, Xey/Xeyself, and other crazy things. If you don’t “Respect their pronouns” they’ll most likely bark at you, and try and cancel you. You’ll probably run into them at Hot-Topic wearing black skirts, gloves, hats, a dog collar, spiky jewlery and more. Watch yourself around alt girls, they’re weird.
Person 1: “Ew look, it’s a weird Alt Gurl
Person 2: “Gross. Look at that furry, it will probably bark at us so don’t get too close to it.”
by lovelyyylol November 3, 2021
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Nicki Minaj is our queen. Nicki Minaj is our queen, our president, our lord, our savior, our guide, our light, our love, our everything. Nicki is everything, and nicki is Our Queen. We bow down before our queen Nicki Minaj, and if you don’t you will be faced against the Barbs. Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap
Girl 1: Who is that beautiful badass woman over there?
Girl 2: Oh, that’s our queen Nicki Minaj.
by lovelyyylol August 3, 2021
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Carlos E. Haile Middle School, is a hell hole disguised as a school. It’s disgusting, musty, and the kids are all pendejos. The teachers suck and 3 of them have been arrested. If you have the chance to go to Haile, don’t take it. Take my advice, the school is shit you’re better off going to Braden River, Mona Jain, Nolan, or somewhere else. Get away from that contraption of a school. And it’s not cool or funny that the school is horrible, it’s filled with spoiled suburban wanna be ghetto gringos. Fuck that school and everyone who goes to it
by lovelyyylol December 17, 2021
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Davidtheism is the Religion, originated from Pastor Dayved |||. This religion was the top religion of America, and they believe you must repent from the furries. Live for Davidthesim, DIE for Davidtheism.
Vanessa: “Hey are you a Davidtheist?”
Sydney: “Yes, it’s the best religion ever!”
Vanessa: “Let’s go get some furries to convert to Davidtheism.”
Sydney: “Ok, let’s go!”
by lovelyyylol November 3, 2021
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The religion of Davidtheism, in which you believe that Georgie is the ruler of all, and Luis Christ is the son of the power. Luis died for our sins, and it is a wonderful religion.

Dayved 12:06: “Repent from the babies before it’s too late.”
Person 1: “What’s your religion?”
Person 2: “Davidtheism.”
by lovelyyylol November 4, 2021
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