Davidtheism is the Religion, originated from Pastor Dayved |||. This religion was the top religion of America, and they believe you must repent from the furries. Live for Davidthesim, DIE for Davidtheism.
Vanessa: “Hey are you a Davidtheist?”
Sydney: “Yes, it’s the best religion ever!”
Vanessa: “Let’s go get some furries to convert to Davidtheism.”
Sydney: “Ok, let’s go!”
by lovelyyylol November 3, 2021
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The religion of Davidtheism, in which you believe that Georgie is the ruler of all, and Luis Christ is the son of the power. Luis died for our sins, and it is a wonderful religion.

Dayved 12:06: “Repent from the babies before it’s too late.”
Person 1: “What’s your religion?”
Person 2: “Davidtheism.”
by lovelyyylol November 4, 2021
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