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Nehals are sketchy. They love you at first and will stay up to 3am just to hear your voice. But then gradually they care less and less, all the while masquerading being busy but still wanting you. Don’t be fooled. A man that doesn’t make time for you doesn’t care for you. Don’t keep giving him the benefit of the doubt or being considerate of his problems. Trust me, he doesn’t value you or your problems. Nehals will only give time to the ones they feel are worthy. You’re a lucky gal if a Nehal loves you and lives up it.
Serena: Hey Blair! Whatever happened with that guy?

Blair: Its over, I gave him 4 years and 2 of them were spent trying to convince him I needed to be valued. Hes such a Nehal!
by lostprincess May 4, 2019
A once in a lifetime kind of love. A beautiful tragic love affair. Something you would have given up the essence of your being , but realize had to stay in the past. A type of sadness you feel knowing it could have never worked, and hope to meet again under different circumstances.
I miss Nehal, but I know our time has come to pass. I wish him happiness and healing.
by lostprincess September 11, 2020
A cute, curly-haired, real estate loving girl who sometimes feels lost in the big world. What she doesnt realize is that she has two great friends who've always had her back, even when they werent on the best of terms. They'll always be cheering for her in the background, even if she broke their hearts.
One day an Arooba will come back, but it may be too late as we'll all be different people
by lostprincess February 26, 2020
A young naive girl who loved a man with all her heart. She grew to be strong and vivacious but didnt let her heart sour. Months went by and she forgave him. She still loves that man, and she has no regrets. He should forgive himself now too, and continue to cherish the memories they had
I know you lost your Rida, but shes strong and beautiful now, and she can handle herself. She needs you to pull yourself out of the darkness and become whole. She still loves you and doesnt want you to suffer in any way.
by lostprincess February 26, 2020
A gorgeous girl who has every guy on her heels. Inside shes sweet and always tries to keep others happy. Though her insecurities might make her think otherwise, she is one of the loveliest girls you will ever meet! You can't forget a Marriam!
"Dude! Did you see that?"

"Yeah! That was a Marriam, they're all the rage these days"

"Man, I'd love to marry a Marriam!"
by lostprincess March 5, 2013
A soul who loves with all heart. She gives multiple chances to the one she loves. She’s creative, smart, loves to dance and sing and will make you laugh. She’ll raise your kids right and then fuck you like she means it. She’s the best of both worlds. Don’t lose the Aisha in your life.
Man, I really messed up with Aisha!

She’ll always love you, just prove to her why she should be with you and maybe she’ll take you back!
by lostprincess May 4, 2019
A naive girl with a fierce heart who loved selflessly. She became strong and learned to love herself. The girl you’ll always love, a love story she’ll never forget. Heres hoping they’re reunited in another life.
He now had beautiful memories with Aisha. He also prayed their paths would cross again in the future.
by lostprincess May 14, 2020