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To screw someone out of money.
Although we did everything right we got Levyed on our bonus this quarter.
by los chupacabras July 26, 2009
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To ride an incredible wave of luck only to crash and burn like a surfer tossed off their surfboard
They were going great, but eventually dunlayed into oblivion
by los chupacabras July 14, 2009
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The infamous no call/no show, usualy due to some overindulgence the night before.
He's already two hours late, he totaly Gulledged.
by los chupacabras July 21, 2009
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A corporate weasel that will do anything for the company.
I know he promised you a raise but he is a total Yinkle, I wouldn't hold my breath.
by los chupacabras July 26, 2009
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The exposed hair that grows on the back of someones neck especialy when they have a pony tail.
That hippie needs to go to the barber, his Yipits are out of control.
by los chupacabras July 27, 2009
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To talk smack and than not show up for the fight you started
He talks a tough game, but Gaviganed when it was time to throw down.
by los chupacabras July 20, 2009
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