26 definition by lori

Same as confused. Use like "flustered" or "confuzzled."
"Man, ask me tomorrow. . . now I'm all flusterfucked."
by Lori November 29, 2004

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total resistance is a straight-edge hardcore band from Oxnard, California.
The Emo-Song!!!!
by Lori January 30, 2004

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A semi-popular, niche Nintendo fansite known for its devout community and inspired contests. Etymology: Information + Nintendo = Infendo.
Dude Infendo rocks the casbah, fo sho.

Eh. Too biased, methinks.
by Lori June 19, 2006

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The freak word for scary or scared
-I am scaren
-Are you yet scaren?
by Lori February 25, 2005

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Someone who aides in the pulling up of the pants in a geriatric facility. Generally only needed only when the resident is hard to handle or there has been a code brown(accident resulting in fecal matter in the pants)
Rhonda and Lori, CNAs, are changing Elsie's messy pants when they find a code brown.
Rhonda: oh no!
Elsie: I'm going to knock the hell out of you!
Lori: I think we're going to need a pants runner. (goes into the hall to find Donna to help wipe and pull up the clean pants)
by Lori January 13, 2005

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Fastastic and Magical
Origin Mikel
It was fantasmical turning Mikel down.
by Lori November 18, 2004

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A butch lesbian bottom/submissive that has earned the status as boi. To be called a boi is an honor in the BDSM world. A boi is very butch in a young type way. All bois are NOT young. They just carry themselves that way.
Cammi is a very good boi for her Mistress and her Mistress loves her very much.
by Lori September 29, 2003

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