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straight edge (sXe)consists of the 3 X's

X- no recreational drug use (includes caffeine- which is a stimulant drug; some will accept drugs such as codeine or morphine for medicinal purposes)

X- no alcohol (some go as far as no Ny-Quil or Day-Quil because they include alcohol)

X- no casual (it doesn't mean abstinence, it means that you won't have one-night stands, but will wait until you are in a commited relationship to have sex.)

People have associated sXe as gang affiliation, but it is a way of life such as vegetarianism or celebasy. it is a way of life that consists of not poisoning your body with ignorance and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
i am straight edge and for all the people who think it is the "popular" thing to do, you're wrong, and should accept it as a good thing because atleast there will be a few less drug-addicts, alcoholics, or AIDS carriers coming to a town near you!!!!
by Lori January 30, 2004

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Less offensive description of vagina. From Latin word fufuris, meaning 'split'
She had to have work done at the gynecologist on her fu-fu.
by Lori October 08, 2003

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1.A really hot guy.
2. lead singer and creater of "nine inch nails".
"wow Trent Reznor is a really hot guy and nin rocks!"
by LORI April 23, 2005

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some sort of publication, usually mass-produced by photocopying (in some cases, scanned, put on the 'net, or copied via fax)on any range of topics, but usally filled with passion. a means of telling one's story, sharing thoughts, and/or artwork/comics/doodles.
"red hooded sweatshirt", a zine that has comics about the authors daily life and thoughts
by lori December 07, 2003

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The ladies of Kappa Delta are also known and the "Kay-Dee" ladies. The most honoralbe, beautiful and highest ladies on earth!
I'm going out with all of my kay-dee ladies tonight!
by Lori March 08, 2005

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A smart beautiful woman who is the best at the many things she does.
Jennifer Lopez is an example.
by Lori March 14, 2004

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Certified Nurses Aide. Works in a healthcare facility assisting with daily living tasks of the elderly.
Nila works at Long Term Care as a CNA, a Certified Nurses Aide, but she could also be refered to as a Conosour of Nuts and Ass.
by Lori January 13, 2005

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