26 definition by lori

To pull an idea out of your ass and speak it loudly makes you an idiot
Brit is a complete idiot!
by LORI March 21, 2005

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A squeeky fart that slips out without warning
I just cut a fluffy in front of my boyfriend
by Lori December 05, 2004

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unknown background; meaning female sex organ
I was facing the diggety.
by Lori June 14, 2004

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a girl with a "Jennifer" ass and a "Dolly" chest.
Deana, did you see the D-Lo, those aren't real...
by Lori November 18, 2004

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Refers to the dumb phrases on t-shirts, especially those sold at Hot Topic. These phrases usually make no sense.
"Did you check the new verbage?"
"Yeah. . .some shit about a hamster. . ."
by Lori November 01, 2004

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