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An Operating System developed by the much hated Microsoft Corporation. Became popular via amoral business practise on the part of Microsoft. Windows is world renowned for being insecure and bug ridden. Some describe it as "the only computer virus that you pay to use".
Excuse me while I run Windows Update and download yet another 80mb bugfix....er....sorry, "upgrade".
by LoneWolf June 18, 2003

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Perhaps the most well known of video game characters. Created by a SEGA employee by the name of Yuji Naka, Sonic made his first appearance in the 1991 SEGA Genesis release, Sonic The Hedgehog. The game was revolutionary, it had blistering speed and stunning graphics for the era and even had a popular Japanese band, Dreams Come True, providing the sountrack. The game spawned mnay, many sequels, the most recent being Sonic Advance 2 on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Aswell as starring in video games, Sonic has had several comic book series, cartoon series, a feature film, a human gene named after him (the Sonic Hedgehog shh gene) and countless books. The Sonic character is one that has stood the test of time and will continue to entertain and enthuse gamers for eras to come.
Sonic The Hedgehog.
by LoneWolf June 18, 2003

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Licking someones chin to the forehead.
I gave my girlfriend a mooselick today.
by LoneWolf September 05, 2003

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adv., An improvement upon ones former status as retarded. This is simply a change, not a state of being.
Yo, ever since Leroy got hooked on phonics he started gettin' uptarded and shit...too bad he's still a dumb biznitch
by Lonewolf March 17, 2003

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A quetion. (why, how, when) To be used in context.
I am going to see a movie.


by Lonewolf June 11, 2003

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the illest motherfucker on the planet Earth, see #ofweed
lonewolf owns my monkey ass!
by lonewolf April 15, 2003

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the awkward cold feeling a girl gets when cleaning her cooch. used as slang to describe something awkward.
bob: yo tom i heard you banged some really fat chick last nite.

tom: yeah it was your sister.

by lonewolf January 03, 2005

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