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Ken = Sword
Shin = Heart
Literal translation = "Heart of Sword"

Himura means "from the scarlet village"

Thats the name of Himura Kenshin - The famous samurai from the anime Rurouni Kenshin where Rurouni is made up of 2 words - Ru which means to wander and Ronin which means masterless samurai
by Daemon4eva October 30, 2006
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He's pretty fucking smart to be honest, and I go to the same school as him. But he is kinda quiet sometimes
Did you see what kenshin did over there? It was fucking genius.
by halogensarestable July 12, 2018
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(noun) is a Japanese name meaning truth

Kenshin is the most amazing boy in the world. He's a fabulous guitarist playing the a lead rock band and his lyrics are based on life experiences. His voice melts hearts and his gorgeous face stun ladies and they can help but swoon at his charm. Sexy. Fly. Gorgeous. Talented. Super Amazing. His eyes are bewitching and his smile to die for. A cute and amazing Kenshin is rare and can only be truly found once you allow him into your heart! A truly fall-in-lovable star!
Have you seen Kenshin play his guitar and sing with soul! he stole my heart a million times just in that one show!
by violetspades June 30, 2010
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He is a very "ugly" he is like a brother to me because he is my friend he is a non smart person he goes to the same school as me he is dumb he cant read SHIT he is Fucking stupid. He thinks he has a heart but he only has a plastic sword.
Kenshin is a stupid and unloyal retard
by Kkrestle June 15, 2018
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