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Those underapreciated people in black who work in the shadows during a show, and take care of everything the actors cant; lighting, sound, design, sets. Usually very strange people who crawl onto the catwalk and write poetry when feeling especially lonely.
Janitor: (while fixing something backstage) uh oh, i dont understand this, i better get a stage crew kid.
by lili March 03, 2005

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Ladies Loves Cool James.
One of the best rappers out there. Has been rapping for the past 20 years, and for some reason he's still just as hot as he was when he started. His songs are the horniests.
The HOTTEST rapper ever.
Lili Loves Cool James
He's so hot it's not even funny...
by Lili December 05, 2003

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the daughter of deceased Kurt Cobain, one of the most influential people in rock history, and Courtney Love, another rock icon.

frances looks just like her daddy.
dont you wish you were the spawn of something so perfect and inspirational as Kurt Cobain?
by LiLi October 09, 2004

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it is the initials of drop everything and read.. people use it at the begining of letters, emails, messages, notes etc. it means they want you to pay fucking attention to what they wrote cuz they worked hard on it
dear mom, im out wif ma frendz watchin a movie.. i took the cell.. dun call me... ill call u wen it dun
by lili May 08, 2004

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FUCK YEA! Awesome STL Cardinals' hitter and first-baseman! YEA CARDS!!
DAMN! That Pujols is one hot mothafucka!
by Lili October 28, 2004

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a very bright & intelligent girl whom everybody loves
Don't you just love Dinka du Dunk. She's so damn smart.
by LiLi March 29, 2005

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The nickname for a very cool girl.
Dink Dink I heart youuu
by LiLi March 29, 2005

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