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When you ask someone their favorite color and they refuse to admit its chartreuse, insisting its periwinkle blue... but you know better...
Mateo: Liz, cmon man... you know you love a girl in pertruce.
by lbdub January 22, 2022
The midnight hour of debauchery when you decide to go home with the next guy who plays an 80's song on the jukebox.
Billy: "Heard you made it to the IdolHour last night, told you it wouldn't be pleasant!"
Zil: "So, he was a rebel, what's your point?"
by lbdub November 13, 2021
The unforseen effects of taking a 500,000 volt taser to the genitals where the pubes become stick straight and bright white.
Christina: Did you see Lbdub's new taser last night?"
Rose and Cheryl: "YES!!"
Cheryl: "He came home tased-straight at 3am looking like Spike from Gremlins "
Rob: "No, I did that before I left... a welcome home gift for the love of my life"
by lbdub March 16, 2022
The act of being hustled in a game of Pool or Poker (usually Texas Hold-em) for most or all of your money. The person who is getting LBDubbed is usually unaware that this is happening and has been lured into a false sense of security before being beaten. Once LBDubbed, the losing party will leave with an overwhelming feeling of disdain and regret but also admiration, as this is an art. The LBDubber is meticulous and crafty, and uses everything in their repertoire to gain the trust of their opponent; including but not limited to their looks, wittiness, and overall charm. The ability to LBDub someone cannot be taught or learned, rather a primal instinct in which only a small percentage of people will acquire throughout their lifetime. Most LBDubbers are intelligent, sarcastic, and beautiful woman in the late 30's. It is not uncommon that once LBDubbed, a person will suffer from anger and depression, and an overall hate towards the world. It is not wise to bet any money against an LBDubber, as you most surely will lose.
Jay: "Did Liz really just win 6 times in the last hour? That was your rent money!"
Daria: "It happened so quick, I didn't even realize i was getting LBDubbed until it was over..."
by lbdub November 13, 2021
The exact moment when you realize that teaching angles in billiards to your opponent has left you with all of your balls still left on the table as they are shooting for the eight. You are proud yet feel like you're about to be fucked. .
Mike: "So should I go for the 5 ball in the side? Or take the 7 up the rail?"
Liz: "I'd pocket the side first and come back for the 7 to leave you clean with the 8"
Christina: "Liz, you are about to get noicely-fucked!"
*Mike makes both shots*
Liz: "Been fucked worse on this table..."
by lbdub March 16, 2022
The act of fashionably bleaching your butthole in the early AM while a friend encouragingly helps via webcam.
Lou: "Looking good, but you still got a little spot of dark to the right"
Holly: "Liz said it would even out? what did i do wrong?"
Liz: "Dont worry babygirl, lets spruce it up and louisBuittawn it... with the right touch...we... are... THERE"
Lou: "wow, that looks better than a $1,000 purse!"
by lbdub November 13, 2021
"My (old) friend"
Your mate, you brother, your closest friend.
Country of origin: Wales (cockney)
China plate, plate rhymes with mate
Rob: 'ello petal, did you meet me old china at the pub earlier?
Liz: oh Wilfred? I thought you WEREN'T friends...
by lbdub February 9, 2022