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to have sex with
lusting after a gorgeous man
'i'd love to give him one'
'i gave him one last night'
by lalalaland January 20, 2008

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1.to do or say something completely stupid or retarded, much the same as a spak would

2. to be completely and utterly consumed by rage that you cant find the words to express yourself, and end up standing flailing your arms, and making sounds similar to a wilderbeast
1 'i was trying to chat up this hot guy/girl and i had an almighty spak attack. s/he asked if i i wanted them to find my carer'

2 ' i said i fancied her mate and she had a spak attack'
by lalalaland January 21, 2008

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a man who does not photograph well, and looks like a crazed homeless street drinker in pictures.
'look at the state of you in that photo, you look like wild eyes murphy'

'who's that man youre with in that picture?, is it from your days working in the homeless shelter?'

'no, thats my boyfriend, he's a wild eyes murphy'
by lalalaland January 19, 2008

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the name given to person who is or resembles a homeless person or an undesirable character. They usually look like they havent washed or shaved in a very long time, and smell of eau de stale beer and pish. Their eyes are bloodshot and their skin an unhealthy grey colour. You will normally find these people drinking cheap alcohol, such as buckfast or white lightening, either on your local park bench or hanging about doorways in the town centre. One of their favourite hobbies is to sing or pester people on public transport, the bus is usually their transport of choice.
'did you smell him? he must be a street drinker'

'i'm so wrecked from boozing last night, i must look like a street drinker today'
by lalalaland January 20, 2008

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