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A sheltered area in South San Jose, pretty much isolated from the rest of the city. The houses in Almaden are generally big and two stories, and the people are rich. The kids in Almaden are usually rich, spoiled, preppy. Either they are wannabes who think they live in Beverly Hills, or they are rich white kids who want to be ghetto. Almaden includes the schools Leland, Bret Harte, Castillerro.
Almaden kid drives up in Dad's Mercedes, wearing a bandana.

Almaden kid:It's hard out here man....

East San Jose kid: stfu, the only problems you've faced is when Tilly's runs out of purple.
by some guy39 August 07, 2009
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Gay Anger. From the Spanish word
He was Almadening us after we told his folks he was gay.
by Terry Wyrick October 27, 2003
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