Kunal is a guy with immense intelligence, basically he’s an information seeker. He is not good at maintaining friendships, but he cares for his friends like nobody else. In love matters, he is pretty good at convincing girls, but on the other hand he’s too shy to propose, he doesn’t like being single, but yes whenever he’ll get a girlfriend, he’ll be the best boyfriend every girl could think of.
Hey see he’s kunal.
by Helloiamwritter007 June 4, 2019
1. Straight up no-limit gangsta.
2. King of the "motha-fuckin" tank.
3. Rarely showers
Girl 1: Wait, have you heard of that guy who lives upstairs, what's his name again?
Girl 2: Shit, are you talking about Kunal? He's so delicious!
Girl 2: Fuck yea.
by Weejal December 8, 2004
an amazing boyfriend, sweet, smart, the best basketball player in the world, the cutest boy in the world, everyone loves him,especially his girlfriend. <3
the perfect guy

"hey look there goes kunal! hes a beast yo..his girlfriend loves him."
by ilovekunal March 2, 2010
Coolest kid outta ob
KID 1 - Yo i was with the coolest kid ever
KID 2- KUNAL,yea man he's mad cool
KID 1 -word
by michelleeew December 13, 2007
Hindu Pimp with long hair who gets everyone but indian girls
Indian Girl:eww whos that ugly guy with the long hair
White Girl:OH thats Kunal isnt he so sexy
by Kunal February 24, 2005
when your short but not that strong and really loud, you will become a kunal
damn he is a kunal for sure!
by soham_was_not_here August 26, 2021
looks like he is from turkey, hungary, uzbekistan, chechnia, yugoslavia, etc.
also looks like fred flintstone or the dad from wonderyears
damn kunal, why the hell are you always
so faded on the weekends. OR Kunal all the girls in one club reject him?
by sweta lover April 18, 2003