6 definitions by ksaysthis

rejection based on circumstances versus personal feelings
Corey felt the sting of fauxjection when his crush declined his request for a date because she was moving, not because she didn't like him.
by ksaysthis February 20, 2014
I selfie pic taken while sitting on the toilet whizzing.
I drank so much water that I'm spending half the day running to the bathroom, but checkout this whizpic of my new hat! peeing while texting toilet potty
by ksaysthis October 19, 2015
Places on an obese person's body in which items (cell, keys, etc.) can be carried between rolls of fat.
She didn't have to carry a purse because she carries her cell phone and wallet in her flesh satchel.
by ksaysthis January 16, 2013
the landscape created when there are numerous people on the waitlist ahead of you (i.e. waiting for a table at a restaurant, etc.)
We were starving and wanted to go to Murphy's for brunch , but the waitscape looked bleak; we would clearly have a long wait.

waiting, wait, bored, impatient, line, reservation
by ksaysthis January 2, 2016
the ability or willingness to be assertive in only an extremely limited set of circumstances
I was hoping she would help me stand up to the homeowner's association to advocate for more parking spaces, but I forgot she has a situational backbone and therefore won't do much to help unless the issue involves the dog park.
by ksaysthis December 18, 2016
someone in a public bathroom stall that plays dead by being completely silent when someone else comes in
I hate when I go into the bathroom and someone is playing potty possum waiting for me to leave... I just wanna shout "poop and flush at the same time!"
by ksaysthis February 6, 2014