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A video posted to youtube, which features a Russian man in a suit with a huge grin singing nonsense like "trolololololo, tralalalalala, yeyeyeyeyeye". The song is called "I'm so happy I'm finally coming home" and had real lyrics until Soviet censors denied them and the singer changed them to nonsense. The video itself is a recording of a 1966 performance of the song.
Trololo, tralalala, hahahaha, yeyeyeye!
by kmfr November 05, 2010
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A bizarre Asian twilight zone where the most basic things you've been taught since first grade are untrue. The dictator Kim Jong-il is a deity according to the average citizen. The army is starving, amputations are performed without anesthesia or electricity, and the people are forced to wear uniforms.
North Korea is not a pleasant place to live.
by kmfr November 02, 2010
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The USCG is the smallest of the United States' five military branches, but also unique in that it has some law enforcement jurisdiction and is operated by the DOH during peacetime. They perform search & rescue operations, protect ports and harbors, and stop drug smugglers, among other things. Although described by some as Navy washouts, the USCG performs very dangerous duties even during times of peace.
The drug boat was immobilized after a Coast Guard sniper hit the engine with a .50 caliber round.
by kmfr August 29, 2010
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The opposite of a pedophile (depending on your definition). One who is afraid of and/or hates pre-pubescent kids to the point where it interrupts their lives.
The 1st grade teacher was secretly a pedophobe and resigned because he hated his class.
by kmfr November 03, 2010
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Branch of the US military that primarily handles sea operations. The Navy also has air forces (naval aviators), ground forces (USMC is under the Department of the Navy), and special forces (SEALS, DEVGRU). The USN transports and provides support to Marines, along with anti-piracy operations and other duties. During the Cold War the Navy ran a huge intelligence program against the Soviet Union using submarines.
the navy is a key part of the United States armed forces
by kmfr August 29, 2010
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Something people started saying after Barack Obama was elected as president. President Obama is actually half white, with the other half being black African. Fox News accuses him of being a Soviet despite having no idea what Marxism-Leninism even is.
My president is black, my Lambos blue...
by kmfr November 03, 2010
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A secretive unit of the US Marines made up of mainly 8 to 15 year olds. Its name comes from the unit's favorite pastime: bragging on xbox live. The Xbox Live Division frequently competes with the Army's PSN Corps.
If you kill XxSTR8SN1PERXx again, he and the Xbox Live Division are going to burn your house down.
by kmfr November 08, 2010
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