US Navy Special Warfare DEVelopment GRoUp-This unit is tasked with testing equipment for Naval Special Warfare. In reality, it is the continuation of the disbanded SEAL Team 6 (founded by the highly respected Richard Marcinko). The men assigned to this unit are the premier maritime assault and naval counterterror unit in existance.
Demo Dick wanted me to join Six, but since he left, why would I?
by pctfitz November 7, 2004
devgru map is a term made by Tomcat88#5615 and is used to describe released maps previously used by units that have been abandoned or have new maps and is called devgru to describe the theme of the maps, being used for milsim purposes, alluding to the SEAL unit under JSOC of the same name
"Anyone have a DEVGRU map? With gear"
"kys tomcat"
by DominusChimera (real?!?!?!) August 11, 2022
devgru map was a term used by Tomcat88 (now called billybob to avoid being sent multiple thug shaker gifs) to beg for released and/or leaked maps already contain gear in it
"anyone got devgru map? with gear"
"please self cut cock off"
by DominusChimera (real?!?!?!) August 15, 2022