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A way of saying 'thank you', usually after giving or receiving something. Mostly used in the uk.
"Here's your beer."
by kitsch September 07, 2003

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British for the American word 'chips'.
My favorite crisps are sour cream and onion.
by kitsch September 14, 2003

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The brilliant mac freeware game company started by Ryan Foltz around 1996. Originator of the 'commiting small crimes' genre and creator of such classics as A Day At Work, The Establishment, Stranded With Tim, Badicoot Milk and GunPlay.
Epic Banana is the best game company ever!
by kitsch October 28, 2003

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A french phrase that literally translates into 'Fool the World'.
His scheme was just another way to 'trompe le monde'.
by kitsch April 08, 2003

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A smaller culture within a larger one, as used in the great Pixies classic of the same name.
"we did the clubs what ass
i was hoping to have her in the sack
i was looking handsome
she was looking like an erotic vulture
i was all dressed in black
she was all dressed up in black
every thing was fine down here
what you call it here
call it what you will here
way down down down in this subbacultcha"
by kitsch April 08, 2003

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a furry monster who is for the most part friendly, but can be mischievous. often thought of as very thoughtful. classified in the gremlin family.
Don't feed the mongots!
by kitsch October 07, 2003

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The art of showing one is upset, insulted, or otherwise taken offense to someone else. It is commonly expressed through body language alone, but it is possible to verbally or metaphorically frump someone as well.
You've just been frumped, my friend.
by kitsch July 19, 2005

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