6 definitions by kins.webb

When one applies a generous amount of flower to the rim of ones asshole, then proceeds to fart out of the window of a moving vehicle.
I saw my friend Jim next to me, so to get his attention, I preformed a dusty car horn!
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
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When at least thirteen gay men stand upright performing anal sex and the last man sticks his penis into a woman's vagina.
I walked into the public bathroom yesterday, and saw the longest extension cord!
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
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When the participating male creates static friction on a thick rug whilst wearing socks and nothing else, then proceeds to engage in sexual intercross with the participating party(male or female).
Dude last night I left my socks on during sex and accidentally had a flesh outlet! My girl was so pissed!
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
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When giving birth the father cuts the umbilical cord with his teeth, also accidentally biting off some of the child's penis.
Friend 1: dude bobs dick is so small!

Friend 2: hey man give him a break I hear he was a mississippi mistake, it's not his fault!
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
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Also known as a Pubic Wig. Created for those looking to spice up their nether regions, pwigs are wigs for your genitals!
Friend 1: dude my girl wants me to have more hair down there but I'm a prepubescent pussy who can't grow any pubic hair!

Friend 2: dude..chill..just buy a pwig, she's gunna love it
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
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When a girl is not a virgin but wants to fake that she is one, the girl lubes up a tomato, and places it in her vaginal canal. The tomato acts as a fake "cherry", popping when the males penis hits it, creating a fake "bloody" mess, tricking the male into thinking the girl is a virgin.
Victim: I was doing this girl last night and she said she was a virgin! Ended up just being a wet tomato though!

Friend: bummer man!
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
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