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1. More than Delightful, lovable, and charming.

2. More than Worthy of adoration.
The moradorability of Peg's new puppies is simply unbelievable!
by keyone January 24, 2010

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The act of improving ones mental outlook on increased elevation during running or biking.
I did a hillatude hamster run, level 9 hills. This was a good run. Hillatude is getting better.

by keyone March 04, 2009

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Having or characterized by lurking other people on social networking websites such as facebook, myspace or twitter.
"Whenever someone posts to my wall, I click to visit their profile, since I am lurkatory by nature."
by keyone April 27, 2009

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One who generates income via advertising on their blog.
She was a successful Blogopreneur, earning several thousand dollars a month from ads on her blog.
by keyone January 11, 2009

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