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Dinohearted is that constant inclination, tendency and cravin' that all true Dinoholics have for all things related to Dino Martin.

All my pallies live their lives in a Dinohearted fashion...seekin' all things Dino for the livin' of their lives and desirin' to emulate our Dino in all they do.

by kentsmokerguy February 14, 2008
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A dinohigh is that euphoric feeling of total estacy that one obtains when one has been taken in the sights and sounds of Dino Martin through listening to Dinomusic, watching Dinoflicks, and viewing Dinopixs.
I get a natural dinohigh everytime I listen to the music of Dino Martin and/or watch a Dino Martin flick.
by kentsmokerguy July 03, 2006
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Dinohipsterism is the quality or condition of livin' the mod life in the manner of Dino Martin; the lifestyle characteristic of livin' a swingin' life modeled after Dino Dino Martin.
My pallie Peters loves our Dino so much that he tries to follow Dinohipsterism to the nth Dinodegree....emulatin' our great man in everythin' he says and does.
by kentsmokerguy March 10, 2008
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A dinoholic is a person that is totally addicted to everything Dean Martin.
After watching a programme of the Dean Martin TV show, our pally became a total dinoholic.
by kentsmokerguy July 02, 2006
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Dinohomage is the deep respect shown and high regard given by all Dinoholics to their Master of Hip, Dino Martin.
My pallies and I made our Dinopilgrimage to Steubenville, Ohio to make Dinohomage to our King of Cool, Dino Martin
by kentsmokerguy December 02, 2006
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Dinoinsouciance is the ultimately cool, nonchalant way that Dino Martin went 'bout livin' his life and doin' his entertainin'.
Dino Martin's way of croonin' a song was just so full of Dinoinsouciance........the kind of lighthearted unconcern that effortlessly flowed from bein'the ultimate in cool.
by kentsmokerguy December 01, 2006
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A Dinoism takes any regular word and adds the prefix Dino- to it to turn it into a word that applies to the life and teachings of Dino Martin. Example: life + the prefix Dino= Dinolife.
The pallies over at ilovedinomartin like to speak to each other using Dinoisms like Dinolife, Dinoway, and Dinocool.
by kentsmokerguy November 26, 2006
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