94 definition by kentsmokerguy

Dinodelirious is that uncontrolled excitement and emotion, that ecstatic joy that a Dinoholic experiences listenin' to, watchin' and dialoguin' 'bout their King of Cool, Dino Martin.
My pallie Terri gets so Dinodelirious when she is sharin' in all thin's Dino.
by kentsmokerguy June 23, 2008

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Dinosmart is the amusin'ly clever, witty, and smart quippin' done by Dino Martin. Also the fashionable and elegantly cool way that Dino dresses.
Everythin' 'bout our Dino is so Dinosmart....from the way he cracks a joke to lights his smoke.
by kentsmokerguy April 15, 2008

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Dinotopia is that place of ideal perfection that pallies dream of livin' in by followin' the life and teachin's of Dino Martin.
All my pallies are like me, strivin' to follow Dino Martin in every way, seekin' to live in Dinotopia.
by kentsmokerguy March 23, 2008

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Dinotruth is the supreme reality and ultimate meaning and value of existence according to the life and teachings of the King of Cool, Dino Martin.
My pallie, seeking the ultimate Dinotruth to live his life by has been listenin' intently to Dinotunes and carefully watchin' clips of the Dinoshow.
by kentsmokerguy March 07, 2008

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Dinoamoreday, commonly known as Valentine's Day, is celebrated on February 14 and recognizes Dino Martin as not only the greater singer of amoresongs in the world, but also as the greater lover who ever walked the planet.
All the pallies are so eager to celebrate Dinoamoreday, decidin' which Dinoamoreflicks to watch and which Dinoamoresongs to listen to.
by kentsmokerguy February 04, 2008

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Dinoriffic refers to the extraordinarily great and intense ways that Dino Martin lived his amazin' and remarkable life.
Watchin' some clips of Dinosongs from the Dinoshow reminded me of the Dinoriffic way that Dino has of engagin' his audience.
by kentsmokerguy April 16, 2007

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Dinoperspective is the outlook, the point of view, that Dino Martin has on topics related to his life and teachin's.
My pallie, to gain a deeper Dinoperspective on the meanin' of butts, booze, and broads, has been watchin' chips of the Dinoshow to gain fuller Dinoknowledge and Dinowisdom to follow the Dinoway to a truer Dinolife.
by kentsmokerguy April 10, 2007

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