When someone sends you a mess of files via ftp or email without explanation, expecting you to make sense of them.
That prick just took a data dump on my desktop. I have no idea what all this crap is.
by Quasimofo January 15, 2007
Dumping all the information from a class onto the test. Then forgetting when finished with the test or class.
John data dump on his psychology test yesterday.
by Kutie butt kerdoodle February 12, 2013
The act of inserting sperm which contains terabytes of data into a fellow human.
Dude after my date i made a huge data dump.
by Hamezc October 7, 2017
Time spent on the office toilet, scrolling through social media to avoid responsibilities. Offers a way to relax without your manager seeing.

Finished with wiping and now only swiping, a data dumper will consume gigabytes-worth of data on IG and YouTube.
Garrett spent the last hour of his shift on a data dump.
by nolandc February 14, 2020