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An articulate way of expressing yourself.
Fuck you.
by Kai November 17, 2003

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hawaian: The strength to overcome
you can do it be Kai
by kai February 24, 2005

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a person who desperatley wants a person or thing. ( a person often feens for drugs or sex )
sally: Damn i want that jeff guy i met at the club!
tammy: Girl you're a feen!
by kai February 25, 2005

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An outwardly strong, intelligent, street smart woman or girl of any age who is not easily swayed, led, or taken advantage of. She is in possession of control without consternation, handling both situations and people with confidence. This individual is not to be taken in by flattery, sweet talk, jive or glib conversation. She has an awareness of herself,enjoying full knowledge of WHO she is. Not afraid to say what she thinks in no uncertain terms; cuts to the chase.
Despite advances woman have made in today's societal structure, a confident assertive woman is still often referred to as a "bitch". Someone calls you a "bitch"? you say, "is that with a capital "B"? 'Cause, yes, I'm a New York Bitch!"
by Kai February 18, 2005

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This dude that beats the shit out of people and takes their milk money. Can be seen doing just that on the Street Fighter series from Capcom.
Person: Hey Ryu, give me back my milk money.

Ryu: Bitch please, you need to run off and beat your dick like it owes you money before I kick you in the head 'bout like four more times.
by Kai March 27, 2004

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Woman or girl who stands her ground, strong, intelligent, knows who she is , not easily taken advantage of or swayed.Not afraid to say what she thinks in no uncertain terms. Cuts to the chase. bold (woman)strong (woman)Bitch
Cannot be taken in by sweet talk or glib. Does not act or react out of fear or flattery. Self-assured.
by Kai February 17, 2005

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good for nothing bitch always begging for shit
oh lord here comes that cluckhead bitch
by kai March 24, 2005

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