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one who is better described in terms of an organization than in terms of himself; one who has been successfully converted from a piece of humanity into a piece of technology.
stubblefield, that nihilist douche, fired you because he is a company man, and therefore has no involvement in the human social contract. god have mercy on our fucking souls; he is an argument against life.
by kagus christ December 03, 2004

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1. in poor condition
2. the quality or state describing a woman whose vagina has suffered considerable traffic and is likely to be hosting sexually-transmitted infection.
"bra, i would hump your sister but she looks pretty busted up."
by kagus christ November 03, 2003

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an unfavorable person; literally, one who picks debris and/or foreign organisms off of a penis, esp. one's own.
"yo dick picker... get your lame busted-up porno mags off of my bed before i house you!"
by kagus christ October 30, 2003

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the state or quality of being lamentable, disfavorable, unfortunate.
"that fucking dog pissed on my tacos. beatness!"
by kagus christ October 30, 2003

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a trivial inconvenience or negligibly unfavorable circumstance.
in the name of our lord and savior, this fucking song is an argument against life!
by kagus christ December 03, 2004

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1. to sexually aggress upon; literally -to breathe heavily on one's penis

2. to assert oneself with unnecessary or inexplicable tenacity, esp. when less aggressive means are readily available

see also: riding my jock
a. "bro, you should try to hit that. she's been huffing on your piece all night."

b. "muthafucka please! joseph's been huffing on my piece to get this project done by 5. i think i'm gonna go get hammered instead."
by kagus christ March 03, 2005

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1) a firm, stubbly guardian of fashionable justice.

2) a snuggly benefactor of fabulous-smelling gluteal ambition.
a: "dude do you have any moisturizer?"
b: "you're such a cute little fagbuns."
by kagus christ December 06, 2004

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