the reason why North Dakota is the #1 binge drinking state. home of the University of North Dakota & one of the greatest college hockey teams ever, the Fighting Sioux. mainly known for being a shithole of a town that knows how to party. also where terrorists are the aviation school there
"Where is UND at?"
"Grand Forks"
"Where the fuck is that?"
by drinkingteamND January 2, 2008
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Grand Forks smells like God dropped a tire fire into a lake full of dumpster juice.
by Ham Danner February 8, 2013
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The third largest city in North Dakota with about 54,000 people. It is home to the University of North Dakota. Also home to one of the best college hockey teams, the Fighting Sioux, who play in one of if not the best arena in North America, the Ralph Engelstad Arena. The city is known to be a very nice city with a lot to do. The houses are nice and there is no ghettos. It is located in northern North Dakota along with its twin city East Grand Forks, pop 8,000, and is located 20 miles away from Crookston, MN, pop 8,000. Grand Forks is a great city.
Hey, I'm moving to Grand Forks.
Great Choice!
by TheCorrectOne. February 23, 2015
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Grand Forks is a place in North Dokota...and North Dokota we all should know borders Canada. Now with scarce population, save for the groundchucks, whose armies are also dwindling, much like my own legions, this state appears as a large empty room beside a bumpin' little party...and staying, or rather being stuck here for any period of time is like looking at that party out the window and never getting any action...of any kind... :( my cup of sadness

and to save my brothers and sisters, I have devised a plot to send a few of my elite minions to devour their souls alive, and remove them from the scorched barren soil of a shadowed place on earth where middle earth and hell itself unite...
"I'm in Grand Forks, mom"

"Honey, did you take care to carefully write a will in case...anything...should happen?...anything?"

"Yeah, buddy Jerry is gettin' my porn, and Tommy gets my cds and dvds, and you can have that fuckin' ugly shirt back..."

"what about the loincloth I crocheted for you?"

"oh yeah, that too..." (walks away grumbling, grand fucking forks...I'll stick them in my eye...
by ///zXn June 1, 2004
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Girls who assume to be the hottest shit ever. One who doesn't look either way before crossing the street. A girl who looks and sound like B. Arthur but won't settle for less than David Beckham.
You see that chick?? She totally denied you bro!" "It's cool, she Grand Forks hot."
by lars86 October 11, 2010
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When you forcefully shove a fork inside a females asshole multiple times until she loses a cup of blood. Collect the blood in the cup and use it as lubricant. Then pound the the females already damaged asshole until you are about to ejaculate. Then freeze the semen and then make her eat it the next morning with the same fork.
Danny performed the grand forks forker on his grandmother.
by Abraham jones June 15, 2017
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A town full of drama where everyone talks crap about people, but no one says it to their face.
"did you hear about all the crap Fritz said about Brandon?"
"yeah, but he'll never say it to his face because he's from Grand Forks, North Dakota "
by Troll2017 December 21, 2017
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