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any group of men that has been rejected from the new york police department on numerous occasions, probably for lack of testicles. These men then band together to form their own police department, the sopd, and pride themselves on stealing taps, making college kids cry, locking up greek life members, ticketing jaywalkers, and basically just being wastes of life.
Yup, the sopd screwed me over yet again- can they just kill themselves and get it over with already?
by junior February 25, 2004
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Imagine those funny monsters high, it`s like watching Stonesmurfs
Ash? Misty? come on, dont tell me you dont see the relation...
by Junior October 31, 2003
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hicktown BabyBoomer expression referring to one's (female) beloved, regardless of how long you've been married or living together, regardless of age, regardless of how many offspring. Just a sickeningly sweet reference to how much you're still in love with her.
Me and the bride celebrated our 35th last year.

My bride and I have 5 kids.

The bride sucks me off a coupla times a month.
by Junior January 07, 2004
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The hatian word for pussy
Junior: I went to her house last night
Seth: Did you get some bobut?
Junior: Yeah man I beat that bobut up
by Junior January 30, 2005
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When a person gets, completely and totally shut down in any way possible. The person is left with no responce and they stand there looking stupid.
Manny got biiiiizzzznatched.
by Junior May 07, 2003
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A mustache for the cat, or puss if you will.
woa! did you see the muustaga on the german looking naked hoe, looked like hitler
by Junior February 09, 2005
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a greek sex god, known for causing young-looking female "children" to become pregnant with his offspring.
I worked with a child-like nymph named Anne-Marie. When she discovered she was pregnant, she told me that a greek sex god had caused her to become pregnant with his offspring.

Rossmar made it quick, and fast, the little 97-pound girl felt nothing as he did his thing, mounting her quickly, squirting, and leaving her asleep but unsatiated.
by Junior January 07, 2004
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