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todays modern slutt factory, producing plenty of anorexic conceded whores thats dumb teenage girls and fruity boys look up to.
gosh man onother disney movie! fuck! im tired of seing anorexix skanks in distress!
put mtv on. nevermind that's gay too.
by juancarlos January 10, 2006

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a dumbass piece of shit that cant tell right from wrong and is usally an annoying ass kissing scum bag with fruit cake like characheristics.

or a sexist midle aged male that slaps asses constantly
whow cotton from king of the hill is one awsome assmongler
by juancarlos December 22, 2005

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someone who really smells and acts like a jerk.
rob thats not cool dude you should stop being shich a shitprick and take a shower dammit.
by juancarlos December 22, 2005

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a judoslap is used when the attacker is hiding behind a wall and someone aproches him/her. he/she then slaps the person that aproches extreamely hard whith his/her back of hand and yells "judoslap!!"
i accidently judoslaped my 4 yr old brother confusing him with my 16 yr old brother.
by juancarlos December 31, 2005

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someone who is very ugly or when someone screws up your plans
god dammit that stupid bitch bonerkill fucked everything up. fuck!!!
by juancarlos December 30, 2005

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