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As Close to As Soon As Possible
"Are you coming home soon?"

"I'll be there acasap!"
by jovo October 07, 2009

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in contrast to parametric, semiparametric, and nonparametric approaches to inference, a hackometric approach completely lacks theory. it is any approach which essentially throws a bunch of machine learning algorithms at a problem and gets some kind of solution.
our nonparametric classifier estimator worked ok. our hackometric approach works as follows: log-transform the data, apply SVD, keep the first 6 singular values & vectors, and the last 2, and then put them through a SVM with a RBF kernel. this improves results by 0.002%, which is significant at alpha=0.05 level (uncorrected for multiple tests).
by jovo February 04, 2012

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yes within the radius of what wants to happen...
"Do you feel to be?"

by jovo October 06, 2009

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the collection of all concepts
my connectome stores my conceptome.
by jovo March 21, 2012

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an err in thought, by analogy with typo
student: please give me credit for that incorrect answer on the test.
teacher: why? was it a typo?
student: not a typo, exactly, more like a thoughto.
teacher: no.
by jovo January 08, 2010

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specifies a particular place and time
"in which placetime would you love to be making love?"

by jovo November 09, 2009

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it's like methinks, but implies more confidence

only appropriate for describing first person experience in the moment
i'm loving you in this moment, mesures
by jovo October 24, 2009

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