Used to show how big a forum user's e-penis is.
"Remember kids, the higher your post count, the bigger your penis"!
by Exc3$$ November 6, 2008
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Determines how cool, and in some cases, how majestically powerful you are on a forum.
"What's the scanner say?"
"HIS POST COUNT IS OVER 9000!!!!11one!"
by chrisweezy March 22, 2008
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On internet forums, post count is obviously the counter that tells a person how many posts they've made. Many users tend to be smug as fuck off their post count, and act shitty towards others with lower posts, even if the guy with the lower posts has been around longer. People with astronomically high post counts tend to think they're part of the staff.
Look at the post count of this obnoxious fuckface... He made 33,000 posts since registering 6 months ago. What a fatass loser.
by Wasabimoto September 20, 2010
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A messageboard game created by ken_valyi of arstechnica to pass the time while sitting at his desk at work on a Saturday afternoon.

Rules: Zeros count as jokers, and 1s are considered like aces (the highest card), 2s are lowest going up to 9s which are second only to 1s.

ken_valyi: I created a lame little game called post count poker, because I'm bored on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

ken_valyi: Posts: 3336, I got a three of kind, acn anyone beat that?

chugg: Posts: 11411, Four Aces, Suck it down bitches.

Alexander: I can't, but right now .milFox has Posts: 11111
Five Aces?! somebody get a rope!
by lotto winner July 6, 2006
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This is when you flame other users in a smaller scale forum in an attempt to gain a high post count faster.
"Why is Bastiche such a dick all the time?"

"I think he's just post count trolling"
by Bastiche July 11, 2008
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