The process of shitting while another man urinates between your legs into the toilet.
Damn that's a sweet Demeo in the hole! Not a splash on me!
by ThatFC December 23, 2020
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One of the hottest guys in new jersey, Known to be really cocky, but because of his looks he can pull it is. He is really good at sports and his body can get any girl he wants. Girls know him from all over the country and he gets 30 friend requests a day.
Girl from Florida: do u know dan demeo?
Girl From Boston: Yea i just added him on facebook, he is hott
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an exclamation, usually used to express joy or surprise
Snap demeo, the beer they're serving doesn't suck!
by JoN February 20, 2004
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Man know for having much poop sex. Notorious for it.
“I have as much poop sex as Louis demeo”
by Fartman1089 February 16, 2020
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