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Nashville, Tennessee the realest place in the US.
Cashville is fulla killaz.
by John John October 17, 2003
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HORSE motherfuckers. Don't say shit to Adam, you might regret ever living. Some hobbies of his are punching through concrete, eating shards of glass, and branding himself. Even his own mom approaches him with caution.

"Adam! Don't!"
"Fuck you mom! You're sandwiches SUCK!"
NOW SHES DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about suave; "bethesda's best" fucks any girl HE WANTS. Last week there was a LINE. Girls even call his room "The Rodeo".
Guy 1- Who is that?
Guy 2- I dono for sure, but my sister calls him King Adam
Guy 1- Yea same...
by john john March 20, 2005
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when a man has anal sex with his male or female partner, thus resulting in a gaping asshole, which the man then decides to drops his balls into. Then the partner proceeds to contract his or her rectum, which causes the other's balls to be stuck incredibly uncomfortably inside his partner's anus.
Only a total bitch would ever try quail egging my balls unless of course it was Meryl Streep.
by john john September 19, 2006
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A bad ass who stops for nothing. Loves to have fun and won't stop their goals for anything.
Man, that guy is a Shoesmith.
by John john December 04, 2013
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makin money
Man, I been flippin coins longer than you been walkin, cuz.
by John John October 17, 2003
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wen u tie a girl up and gag her then put her on ur pork pole and hook dat bitch up
wow man i hog roasted matt orth
by john john January 03, 2005
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Ulitmate Fat Man

A large man who is the ultimate
John is the UFM for sure
by John John March 02, 2005
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