14 definitions by John John

wen matt orth jacks off to abercrombie and fitch magazines cuz hes a fagget
by John John January 4, 2005
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wen u tie a girl up and gag her then put her on ur pork pole and hook dat bitch up
wow man i hog roasted matt orth
by John John January 4, 2005
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full on erection - as hard as it can get when you feel like a vein might pop and explode
when that chick grabbed my junk i got some heavy cream right away
by John John December 1, 2004
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Ulitmate Fat Man

A large man who is the ultimate
John is the UFM for sure
by John John March 3, 2005
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Man, I been flippin coins longer than you been walkin, cuz.
by John John October 18, 2003
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