8 definitions by joejoebuffalo

1. When intercourse is being performed in a sandy location, the male will pull his penis out of the vagina, slide it in the sand, and re-insert it into the vagina. Thus giving the woman a Peanut Stick.

2. A delicious confection treat dipped in peanuts. ex. Donut
Bob: Man, I really gave her the old peanut stick last night.

Steve: Ooooh that must have hurt!!!

Bob: Not me, that's why I wear a condom. ;-)
by joejoebuffalo August 05, 2007
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A favorite pastime of Urban and Suburban children.

The child will knock on an unsuspecting victim's door, but before the victim has time to answer, the "knocker" will dissapear in similar fasion to a ninja.
Tyrese: Yo brotha, let's go ninja knocking.
Tyrone: Wurd up dawg, ima say we get the ol' bitch down the alley.
Tyrese: Hellz ya mother fool
by joejoebuffalo October 07, 2009
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While the term may have originated by Limbaugh encouraging people who enjoyed the show to just say "ditto", the word has now evolved to mean a blind follower of Rush's twisted logic.

A true dittohead would follow Rush Limbaugh blindly into the depths of hell if they thought he would allow them to touch one of his Oxycontin stained fingertips.
Bob: Rush Limbaugh is such a visionary. I would give my left testicle to share my Oxycontin prescription with him.

Steve: Why man, Rush Limbaugh is worth $500 million that the government knows of. He can afford to buy a child from South America and pay his way through medical school just so poor little Emanuel Limbaugh will be able to someday write Rush whatever prescription suits him that day.

Bob: Wow Steve, you are an idiot, Rush is just like you and me!!! He knows what's best for the people!!! HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY GOD!!!!

Steve: Sorry man. (Walks away)

(Bob remains infuriated for days not realizing that he's a typical "dittohead")
by joejoebuffalo April 30, 2009
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When a man orgasm's on a woman's face. Similar to the fashion that Dick Cheney shoots his buddies in the face.
Bob: I heard you're gonna hook up with Brenda
Steve: Yeah, I'm gonna Cheney The Bitch
by joejoebuffalo September 12, 2007
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This term is used for Facebook buddies, most commonly people that you hardly know in real life.

The abbreviation stands for: Facebook Friends For Life.

See also: Facebookemon
Robert: Looks like I have yet another random friend request on Facebook. Oh well, I'll add them. Maybe we can be 3FL!
by joejoebuffalo August 05, 2009
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The steady decline of muscular function, speech, provocative thought, etc. due to the regular use of L.S.D. This is mostly attributed to the holes that are eaten into your brain tissue by the constant bombardment of dangerous chemicals.
Dalton: Hey Dwayne, you wanna go shoot some hoops?

Dwayne: I can't lift a basketball, man. I'm gonna go trip on acid, wanna come?

Dalton: Sure.

Peter: Remember Jimbo? He used to be in advanced classes when he was in 8th grade, what ever happened to him?

Laverne: Poor kid got Acid Rot. I guess all he does now is sit at home and watch reruns of Pokemon.

Peter: That's sad, I wonder if he can get me any acid?

Scott: Please think for me, I can't bare to. I'll just lie here for a while. Wet myself, wet my bed.

Mary: I heard you're looking for me, I brought you your last cigarette too!

Scott: Water cleanses you know.
by joejoebuffalo June 16, 2009
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A person of Cuban descent who tends to lean towards Jewish tendencies. This type of person will always find the cheaper way to do something.
Joe: Hey look, the record store has a sale on Ricky Martin Cd's, your favorite Hispanic singer/songwriter. Would you care for a ride to go buy one?
Don: No way!!! I'd rather wait until I can pick one up from the free section of Craigslist.
Joe: You may be waiting a while.
Don: Who cares? I'm not spending 3 of my hard earned dollars on something I know I can find cheaper.
Ricky Martin: Don, you are such a Juban.
by joejoebuffalo April 07, 2009
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