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is a traditional garment used with kimono also called a underkimono.
Also a location in Japan Azabu Juban
you put on your Juban before your kimonno to protect it from sweat.

the yearly Azabu Juban festival
by Cindy Heights (aka JUBAN3) December 09, 2006
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A person of Cuban descent who tends to lean towards Jewish tendencies. This type of person will always find the cheaper way to do something.
Joe: Hey look, the record store has a sale on Ricky Martin Cd's, your favorite Hispanic singer/songwriter. Would you care for a ride to go buy one?
Don: No way!!! I'd rather wait until I can pick one up from the free section of Craigslist.
Joe: You may be waiting a while.
Don: Who cares? I'm not spending 3 of my hard earned dollars on something I know I can find cheaper.
Ricky Martin: Don, you are such a Juban.
by joejoebuffalo April 07, 2009
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1) noun - A person, or group of people bearing both Cuban & Jewish descendants or background. Does not need to be direct connection. Jubans don't need to be born in Cuba to be Juban - usually just a Cuban & Jewish connection at the same time. *Not* meant to be a banning of Jews, or Jewish lifestyle.
Yo I heard Jason is a Juban. -- he's from Miami Beach. But he's Cuban? -- nah. Pero sus Abuelos son Cubanos. -- Coolismo bro. Juban the man!
by Juban817 May 16, 2016
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a rare breed of people that are a cross between a Cuban and Jew

usually have long hair , interested in heavy metal, like black and have 146 girlfriends in a short period of time.

attracted by the sound of falling metal

approach a juban with caution and never use the word "free" and "boat" in the same sentence
holy shizzz its a juban,
quick he needs a boat ahhhhh
by juban January 19, 2008
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I.E. Jube
1.)A cigar that is grown in Cuba but is rerolled and repackaged in Japan to be sold in the states.Mainly because it would be illegal in the States.It is also the smoothest cigar ever to be created.
2.)Inspired by Juban cigars this term can also be used to describe coolness and pimpness.
3.)Can be added to any existing adjective to make the word have more meaning.
4.)A pet name for any cool persons genitalia.
1.)Look at that man he's smoking a Juban,not to metion he has every women in town all over him.
2.)Man i wish i was as Jube as that guy.
3.)Man I feel Jubetacular today.
4.)You to can smoke a Jube
by Juban Joe January 04, 2005
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