The most hardcore people you will ever meet. They are two thirds of the Mars Bar slogan: work, play. Always accompanied by their iPhone and possibly a pager.
Jack: He's crazy!

Jill: No, he's a medical student.

Jack: Oh.
by MedStudents October 18, 2010
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A person living off coffee, ramen and sleep deprivation in order to become a better health expert.
Why's Mark looking so tired?

It's normal. He's a medical student.
by Why_can't_I_leave_this_empty January 10, 2019
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Also known as hypochondriasis of medical students. What happens to some medical students who learn about diseases. The one and only symptom of it is that they think they have diseases they are learning about.

It is also used for a student learning medicine or psychology who over analyzes everything and everyone and thinks everyone has a disease or mental condition.

Normally they find that they or someone else has one symptom of a disease and think that they or another person has the disease. Usually they ignore all other symptoms.
1)Medical Student: I have a fever above 100.4! I have SARS!
Student: No, you just have Medical Student Syndrome

2) My friend has Medical Student Syndrome. He's taking a psychology class and he diagnosed me with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's syndrome.
by joe725 June 14, 2008
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1) Some of the worst people on earth.
2) Cut Throat brown nosers who suck at life.
3) People who will screw each other over for no reason.
4) The most hated people in college.
5) Nosy people who always want to know what other people got on a test.
6) Bitchy losers who always complain about how hard school is.

Pre-Meds Pre-Medical Students: Hey billy what did you get on your test?
Billy: None of your business You brown nosing pre-med.

Jane: I have so much stuff to do.
Pre-med: oh yea? I have to clean the house do the laundry study for Organic chem, Physics, and so much more !

Teacher: Okay class I went to the amazon rain forest over break,I found a cure for HIV, Cancer, and discovered a new species of Plant.
Pre-med: is this going to be on the test?
by Damn I told u. August 11, 2008
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