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Exactly the same as an ass-hole
Dude dI'd you see Shep kick that dog? Ya I did , man yhat guys a Trumphole
by Bdot Steelhead hunter April 19, 2017
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An asshole infected with any pus-producing venereal disease. Contracted by being a bootlicking, sycophantic toadie. The only cure for trumphole is complete excision.
Rudy Giuliani has a serious case of trumphole from all the ass he's been kissing.
by OctoRat January 19, 2017
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A name given to a country's leader when they surname is Trump and they demonstrate all the negative traits hated by the public and other world leaderr. It is a democtratic way of calling a xenophobe leader an asshole without actually doing so.
Wow!! It is hard to believe (that the) Trumphole is actually spending billions of dollars to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
by KyosaKanuck March 29, 2017
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A dick who publicly expresses racist, bigoted, homophobic, or religious extremist behavior meant to mistreat other human beings as a means to validate their own political views. Often compensating for uncommonly small genital sizes, these morally and ethically indoctrinated Republican zealots love Donald Trump but lack empathy or comprehension beyond a Fifth-Grade reading level.
That guy who yelled "Build me my wall!" at those Mexicans was a real trumphole.
by Votey McVoteface November 17, 2016
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The ignorant bloviating carnival barker running for President is called the Trumphole and out of his Trumphole he spews racist misogynistic ignorant nonsense to the adoring Trumphole followers the Trumplydytes

trumpagogue trumpertantrumtrumpholetrumpagoguerytrumplydytedonholetrumpageddon
The Trumphole tweeted more insulting nonsense yesterday

trumpagogue trumpertantrumtrumpholetrumpagoguerytrumplydytedonholetrumpageddon
by jmspaesq January 03, 2016
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Mouth of someone with no verbal self control or forthought
Shut your trump hole about about his wife being a mail order bride before he decks you!
by DAG September 10, 2016
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