3 definitions by jkingfish

A mixed drink containing a half pour of Red Bull, half pour of Guinness, two ice cubes and a shot of jagermeister on the side.
"I told that bartender I wanted a B.B. King and he poured the jager straight INTO it! I asked him, what the fuck, dude, did it sound like I ordered a Howlin' Wolf!? I said BEE BEE KING, jackleg!"
by jkingfish October 26, 2015
A rare, if singular, triple contraction, designating the negative state of a given group.
Y'all'd'nt know I was comin' fer dinner!?
by jkingfish August 27, 2014
To be physically assaulted at any given urban Kroger supermarket.
Yo, I was just taking my groceries out to the car at the store down on Moreland Ave and a couple of thugs came out of nowhere and Krojacked me!
by jkingfish January 15, 2015