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The oral cavity in the slubster. also the long shaftoid of the cock nballs. often used in guys ass by gay men.
the slub a dub is rock hard and erect.

the slub a dud is inserted in that bitch

please piss on my slub a dub. its gotta get wet some how. cock smoker.
by jimmy bean December 22, 2003

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An especially tacky style of ring made of or meant to resemble a chain with the links fused together. Often encrusted in cheap bling.
I bought a Cuban Ring
by Jimmy Bean February 17, 2018

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what the f*ck do you think it is? you stupid flipstick.
pull out your flipstick and let momma play with it.
by jimmy Bean December 19, 2003

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A noun used to replace such boring words to lighten up a conversation.
1)MOM- The meat looks so big.
lil' jimmy-You bet that meat is big. I have never seen a larger meat rod.

2)PERVERT- Hey baby! let me touch your new meat.
Stripper- These meats cost 25 grand bitch. pay up you meat stroker
by jimmy bean December 22, 2003

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a giant scrotum sucking ass nugget.... who never returns ure calls
tell that b*tch to f*cking to touch herself in her room while i masterbate to porn and touch my pud. Lee is a ass hole
by jimmy bean December 18, 2003

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