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Cougar Milk is a beverage used by cougars, with other cougars, as a social drink to dull the senses. Cougar Milk is often a gin & tonic, white wine, or Cosmo.

Cougar Milk is available at country clubs, tennis clubs, five star hotels and truck stops in Nevada. Women under the age of 39 should avoid Cougar Milk until they have developed a serious drinking problem. Cougar Milk should not be consumed until after 9:30 AM. Please use caution when operating a dildo or other sexual device after using Cougar Milk. In some cases, cougars reported an uncontrollable need to shop after drinking large quantities of Cougar Milk. Luxury auto dealerships and high-end jewelry stores should be avoided while using Cougar Milk unless otherwise directed by your divorce attorney.
After knocking back Cougar Milk all morning, the cougars went to the day spa and spent the afternoon complaining about their lovers.
by Jib Slice May 22, 2010

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Verb, combining the action of "jib" or "jibbing" on a "jibstick", skis, snowboard, skateboard or bicycle and "slice" meaning to carve, turn, or rip it up. Also, straight-lining switch at a ski resort or in a terrain park.

Noun. The name associated with the infamous "Jib Slice" found on both Facebook and Twitter. Known for verbally abusing snow riders from around the globe. This kinda abuse is known as being "jib sliced".
Dude, I busted a jib slice today that would've made ya cry.

Crap, I just got "jib sliced" by Jib Slice on my Facebook page.
by Jib Slice May 10, 2010

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Phrase/term: the act of becoming a "Friend" or "Fan" of a person or entity on Facebook. A invitation/phrase used by Jib Slice to invite new Friends to his Facebook page.
Dude, become my "Friend" and I'll let ya sit on my Facebook.
by Jib Slice May 10, 2010

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Jibber-swill is a cheap beer or ripple, most often served in a can or box. Jibber-swill is the favorite beverage of park & pipe rats.
Cougars always look younger after knocking back some jibber-swill.

NEVER go cougar hunting without a healthy dose of jibber-swill!
by Jib Slice May 28, 2010

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That one handed move down the front of yer pants to check the package, or adjust the hang angle. Best described as the full crotch grab.
Hey, look at the idiot Jib Slice doin the jib slide in front of that cougar. Awesome! It made her choke on her cougar's milk!
by Jib Slice May 21, 2010

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Pulsating hospitality is the reciprocation offered to a cougar in exchange for dinner, drinks, conversation and spending part of her alimony on the cougar hunter.
Jib Slice threw down his pulsating hospitality and thecougar still short-changed him!
by Jib Slice May 19, 2010

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A Pipe Rat refers to a person who spends an stupid amount of time in the half pipe snowboarding or skiing.

Snowboard Pipe Rats are easily spotted by their tall tee's, pants hanging half-way off their asses, dude-speak, and the inability to ski or ride on the big mountain. Exposure to Pipe Rats can lead to decreased ambition, severe dude-tude and a general lack of skills on the rest of a ski hill.
I don't know what's funnier, the way that Pipe Rat is dressed, or the fact that he has a haircut that makes him look like Bruno?
by Jib Slice May 13, 2010

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