A good drink with a splash of gin , a clear liquor, and tonic a gross bitter tasting water that is bad without gin. A hint of lemon or lime will enhance the taste though.
When Johnny goes to bars he orders a great drink, "gin & tonic".
by OliverS May 5, 2005
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The most bodacious idea. A mixture of alcohol and soda. In my mind the best way to get plastered.
That's a mighty fine gin and tonic, would you mix me up another?
by TOM DICK August 17, 2006
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A mixed drink consisting of 6 oz. of Sprite and 3 oz. of Gin
Partygoer: Man, you got any tonic water and limes?
Host: Nah man, just use Sprite.
Partygoer: What am I supposed to do with Sprite?
Host: Make a Poor Man's Gin and Tonic, fool.
by CarringtonS January 30, 2009
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