Noun: The name used by some skiers and snowboarders when referring to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in particular.

This is NOT a negetive term, but rather a short way of saying Jackson Hole.
I'm heading to J-Hole for a week of skiing and snowboarding.

My J-Hole has a East Infection.
by Jib Slice May 11, 2010
Jewish Butthole. It is a universal term that can be used to describe any person, situation or even body part.
Last night was super J-Hole

Stop being such a J Hole

That dudes J Hole is totally showing
by bigpimpn December 24, 2014
"Wow, J-Hole actually took off her fur coat long enough to do that tacky photo shoot with her kids."
by spigot July 11, 2008
A term used when calling someone a jackass and asshole at the same time.
See A-hole
Todd: Did that man just cut you off?
JF: Yeah! What a J-hole!
by Miss Milkshake July 25, 2005
a term given to myself because my name is Jay and I'm an asshole.
"Your a friggin j- hole"
by Chew DaRoot May 1, 2010