A term used when calling someone a jackass and asshole at the same time.
See A-hole
Todd: Did that man just cut you off?
JF: Yeah! What a J-hole!
by Miss Milkshake July 25, 2005
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A cross between a jack-ass and an asshole. Jack-ass-hole.
You are such a jhole. Don't be a jhole. Look at those jholes.
by Billy Sug June 28, 2006
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a combination between a jackass and and an asshole.
A person who cuts you off in traffic because they think it's so important they get in front of you only to slow down to talk on the phone and you don't want to swear in front of your kids so you yell out STUPID JHOLE!
by Mplsfifi February 16, 2010
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another way to say jackass
j as in jackass (ass)
or asshole
often usen in front of little kids
"stop being a j hole just because you didnt get your way" said mary
by peyton h. April 28, 2008
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