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When your body experiences uncontrollable shaking after being sexually satisfied.

Can last for hours.
More intense upon initiation of engaging in intercourse again.
Girl the sex was awesome and I still feel you still vibrating.
by jesRika March 15, 2016

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1. To hear yourself bitching and realize everyone is stressed the hell out because you have them on edge. Then you drop what you were bitching about and just as quickly find a solution.

Take away the bitch and find common ground
(Continous bitching) YOU ARE NEVER HERE! WHY ARE YOU WORKING SO LATE? I Should just leave! Or I could pamper you and wash your back. That way I could unbitch.
by jesRika August 06, 2017

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Dropping friends off at the pool- verb

Taking a poop!
Also : Drop my friends off at the pool
Its a much nicer way for someone to say I gotta use the bathroom. Applies to all ages and both sexes.
Kids love it.

Also great way to add 15 minutes to your arrival time.
I am running late. I am dropping my friends off at the pool.
by jesRika July 17, 2017

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Look out noise-

1. warn someone to stop talking
2. A way to tell someone to shut up because you don't care
3. Interuption used when someone is saying too much or giving too much info
1. Joe: "what happened with Jewels last night. She is so hot

Joe's girlfriend is walks up behind him
Rob loudly talking over joe: "Look out noise! "

2. Girl: "I know you have been with her! Don't lie! I saw her numb..."
Guy:look out noise

3. Jen:"What are you guys doing?"
Rob: "not shit"

Joe: "been smoking weed talking about getting some pus..."
Rob: "Look out noise!!"
by jesRika November 15, 2016

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The look one makes while looking in the mirror . Consciencly or unconsciously puckering lips to look fuller. The look most women make while putting on make up. Mostly likely most appealing expression.
Me: getting ready in the bathroom mirror. Batting my eyes and making smoochy lies
Bf: "Your mirror pout is so sexy."
by jesRika August 21, 2016

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Gross germs passed by a little boy touching a little girl.
Don't sit by me you got boy cooties!
by jesRika April 08, 2020

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The new generations response to drug use. NOPE to DOPE. Showing an attitude of being disgusted with dope does. It's owning better choices for yourself.
NOPE! Noway I would poison myself with drugs!
by jesRika December 26, 2019

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