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rite i am a charva n i dont have a coke can fringe,bright orange face,n im not racist etc.
i think people think charvas r cheap,pathetic n nasty cos they have either come across one n got on wrong side or they just r bein stereotypical!!!
i wear rockports,spray way,sum gold jewelry,2 silver rings,any type of trousers dont have to be SKIN TIGHT

but i dont hang round on street corners drinkin cider cos tht jst plain stupid.i hang round a large group of lads n lasses n they r perfectly normal.
if u r not a charva u describe them steroetypicaly
eg big massive hoops + gets pregnant

some charvs r hard some r wannabes that r soft, but if u say they r soft y do u avoid them when u go out?if your so hard n they arent shuddnt u stand up to them!!!well not the case cos ppl dnt wanna get jumped on n all.anywayz u cant really say that charvs r nasty etc when u avnt tried bein 1, so then if u all hate charvs do u hate goths aswel????cos u r all skittin charvs for bein cheap n tacky etc but what ''trend'' do you follow?cos im sure u wud get griefed anywayz,lol,

dont have to give one cos i am one!mugz
by jes February 5, 2004
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The week before finals at Pepperdine University when Administration tells instructors to have no assignments due, but they assign everything due for that week instead.
Sorry I can't go out tonight, its dead week.
by jes April 18, 2005
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Coined on the Pixies Doolittle album, meaning one who debases, or to lower in character, degrade, deteriorate, or move to a lower state of quality.
"Wanna grow up to be, be a debaser"
by jes August 19, 2004
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you would need a bevail to speak to that girl, she is an angel
by jes March 30, 2005
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A slang term which means to ejaculate or cum on the tongue of a female, usually in order to establish dominance.
by jes October 20, 2004
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VERB Take without permission, usually from someone else's blog or live journal.
John liked the new quiz on Maria's blog so much he decided to gak it.
by jes December 3, 2003
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an awkward moment after a bad joke when noone laughs and everyone is silent.
James gowing: hey how about those irish referees? better get them some more baulding cream!

everyone: ...
by jes November 14, 2006
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