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The best school BY FAR in Jersey. Educating men to be a man FOR and With Others. And also providing great atheletes in many sports and destroying Hudson Catholic in every sport possible.

by Jersey April 14, 2005

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rakeyohn spelled wrong. see rake-yohn, rake+yohn, rake:yohn.
Rakey Yohn.
by Jersey February 24, 2004

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an extremly angry italian with the worst temper in the world. stay clear if you love life. have a death wish? simple find an Agliata and call him short, the rest is magic.
You hear about that guy who killed four guys in a fight?
Yeah, he's prolly an Agliata.
by jersey April 05, 2005

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voun (noun/verb): Mostly used in New Jersey. Derives from the English word "tits do." Was common in the 1800's amongst upper-class agrarians when referring to their wives or daughters.
Her stomach sticks out farther than her titdo.
Her ass sticks out farther than her titdo.
Her fupa sticks out farther than her titdo.
by Jersey November 03, 2004

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that immigrant from chico town
ctraffik is an immigrant
by jersey May 19, 2003

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what everybody else (other than the people down there call it). It is really termed the beach but those fucking bennies from NY cant get it through their thick skulls.
BENNY- Lets go down the shore
Beach Kid- Fuck off Benny, go swim in some sewage
by JERSEY April 17, 2005

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The polite word people use when they try and tell someone that they have Herpes
"I was wiping my ass the other day and I found a cold sore right in the crack"
by Jersey January 29, 2003

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